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The cascade is used for fast, gentle transport of balls from the OK outlet level of the Ball Scanner to the prepared packages, which can also be on the floor level. All cascades are fully automated and dynamically adjust their height when filling containers according to the current level of the balls in the container. The performance of the cascade is sufficient for the whole Ball Scanner (i.e. for two monitoring points). The device can continuously adjust the filling height according to the current level of the balls.

Cascades can be realized in the OUT version for ball transport from the OK outlet of the Ball Scanner Wet to the floor level.

We currently offer Cascades for following ranges

Cascades Range Information
Cascade 0306 3,000 6,350
Cascade 0610 6,000 10,319
Cascade 1016 9,525 16,000
Cascade 1625 15,990 25,400

Krob Scanners supplies various types of Ball Transporters and Cascades for its Ball Scanners WET and Ball Scanners DRY, used to transport balls mainly in the vertical direction. Ball Transporters can transport balls up and down, while Cascades can only transport from top to bottom. Cascades are usually made up of two shorter Ball Transporters, the upper one is fixed and the lower one is movable. The Lower Ball Transporter automatically rises to the top deadlock when a container is filled with the inspected OK balls.
If you are interested in these devices, contact the manufacturer and state:

  • Height difference of inlet and outlet of balls for transport
  • Diameters of balls for transport
  • How many balls are to be transported by this device (pcs / hour)