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Ball Transporter BT - Devices for gentle ball transportation

The BT is a compact additional device of variable design, which serves for quick and gentle transport of  dry or wet balls, mostly in the vertical direction.

Ball Transporter BT is sufficient for the entire Ball Scanner (i.e. for two monitoring points). The device can continuously adjust the filling height according to the current level of the balls.

We currently offer Ball Transporters BT for following ranges

Ball Transporter RANGE OF BALLS Information
BT 0610 6,000 mm – 10,319 mm
BT 1016 9,525 mm – 16,000 mm
BT 1625 15,990 mm – 25,400 mm
BT 1625 15,990 mm – 25,400 mm
BT 2542 15,990 mm – 25,400 mm
BT 4070 39,960 mm – 70,644 mm

Equipment of BT series devices

  • Holder with adjustable leg
  • Control unit
  • Input sensor for ball presence detection
  • Output sensor for detection of OK exit being full
  • Light and compact device

Ball Transporter BTE (elevator)

Ball Transporter BTE (gravitational)