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Special devices for additional services

It is often necessary to check other parameters of the ball as well. To make these operations easier, we offer auxiliary devices for additional tasks.


Is an inspection and sorting machine for checking the diameter of bearing balls, which thanks to build-in incremental probe, sorts the balls according to set tolerance and diameter with an acuracy of 0,002 mm.

Our Diameter Sorter is supplied in two versions, either as a separate autonomous machine DSA or non-autonomous machine working with Ball Scanners or any other machine´s inlet as required.

  • User friendly control using terminal
  • Immediate evaluation of each ball showing the result on the terminal
  • Hopper for balls
  • Machine status signalisation
  • Accuracy of ball sorting ±0,002 mm
  • Light, compact device


Is machine designated for automatic, precise and fast batching of balls into customer´s transport packaging. The Ball Batcher follows the Ball Scanner outlet or any other equipment required by the customer.

  • User friendly control using Touch-Screen
  • Control system Siemens Simatic
  • Counter showing the number of the ball on screen
  • Hopper for balls
  • Container for transport packaging
  • Machine status signalisation


It is additional device of light construction, which provides a reliable and gentle means of transport of the balls from OK exit into customers‘ packaging while eliminating collisions of already checked balls against each other and therefore preventing their damage.

  • Holder with adjustable leg
  • Control unit
  • Input sensor for ball presence detection
  • Output sensor for detection of OK exit being full
  • Light and compact device