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Ball Scanners Wet – for wet inspection of surface and sub-surface of steel balls

Ball Scanners are sorting machines for the non-destructive inspection of the quality of the surface and sub-surface of bearing balls. The inspection is conducted by means of electromagnetic eddy currents (ECT tester), optic laser beam (EOT tester) and vibration integrated accelerometer (EVT tester).

Inspection of balls on the Ball Scanner Wet is carried out while they are submerged in a special liquid based on mineral oil. Thanks to inspection in liquid the balls do not need to be dried after cleaning before the inspection which saves time and operating costs. Another advantage of wet inspection is that with a suitably selected operating liquid or additive, the balls can already be conserved during the inspection process. Testing in liquid also allows more accurate measurement by the EOT tester thanks to the better optical properties of liquid compared to the open air and the reduction of dirt on the surface of the ball.

KROB SCANNERS Ball Scanners have more than 25 years of tradition in the quality assurance inspection of bearing balls. Since 2008 our „Wet“ series has offered a wide range of functions and usage with the guarantee of reliability. Thanks to their advantages, the „Wet“ series machines have gained an irreplacable position in the quality assurance inspection of bearing balls for leading producers around the world.

Standard equipment of W series

  • User friendly inspection using Touch-Screen (CU-TS)
  • Immediate evaluation of each ball showing on the screen and option to print the inspection report
  • Inspection methods: optical (EOT), eddy current (ECT), vibration (EVT)
  • Reduced risk of detected false defects due to dirt or dust when using the optical method
  • Hopper for balls
  • Pre-sorter of different ball diameter with +/-0,05 mm precision
  • Opening side panel for easier access
  • Stepper motors on inspsection elements
  • Possibility to monitor machine operation using WEB BS (more here)
  • Machine status signalisation

Currently we offer BSW machines in the following ranges

Ball Scanner Wet BSW 0306 DX

for ball ranges of 2.778 mm – 6.350 mm


Ball Scanner Wet BSW 1016 DX

for ball ranges of 9.525 mm – 16.000 mm


Ball Scanner Wet BSW 1625 DX

for ball ranges of 15.990 mm – 25.400 mm


Ball Scanner Wet BSW 4070

for ball ranges of 39.960 mm – 70.600 mm


Ball Scanner Wet BSW 0610 DX

for ball ranges of 6.000 mm – 10.319 mm